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FB_IMG_1432222348365My name is Wendy Miller. I am 45 years old. I was a functioning alcoholic for 20 + years. When my marriage of 28 years ended up in divorce my world began to fall apart. I began drinking more and more and doing any kind of drugs I could get my hands on. I began going out with friends to clubs and parties drinking non-stop from morning to night. I had gotten into some trouble with the law over drugs and began to lose everything – my job, my car, my apartment but it didn’t seem to matter to me as long as I had my drink. One night I prayed to the Lord to help me, I knew my life was out of control. My addiction to alcohol was so bad that if I didn’t have alcohol in my system within 4 hours I would go into seizures. The next day I went into the probation office and admitted to her I had a serious problem with alcohol. She said if I could get some help she would drop all of that charges against me.

FB95IMG951432222139335~2That is when I found Women of Hope. I was so addicted to alcohol I had to be weaned off of it with Valium then had to be weaned off the Valium! Going to Women of Hope was the best thing I ever done. I accepted God into my life and my life totally began to change. I was knocked out by the Holy Spirit and it forever changed my life. I began to rebuild my life. I got my driver’s license back, got me a vehicle, a job the graduated 15 months at the Women of Hope. I got my own place so once again I had it all back. Since I have been out of the program I have had my struggles just with every day struggles of just being out in the world. But I recently lost two family members due to drug overdoses that hit home but I have the Heavenly Father like never before the Holy Spirit lives within me every day. I continue to give back to Women of Hope by teaching classes and being a sponsor. I go to Celebrate Recovery where I am a group leader and I attend church regularly. I keep the Lord close to my heart.

imageI am now 5 years clean and sober! I owe it to God, Women of Hope, Pastors David & Connie Herring and so many more that helped me to live life a new and better way. For that I will always be grateful!

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